Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil is a base and most essential ingredient for manufacturing of fragrances with its strong fixative and alluring properties it can create mystic perfumes and attars. Sandalwood oil has its prominent space in all historical and mythological books in Indian , Chinese and Egyptian Civilisations . It has been a part of tradition,religious culture and worship since ages in these countries . Even today Sandalwood Terpene , Chips and Resinoids are consumed in abundance for making " Incense sticks and Bakhoor". With its natural medicinal and rich therapeutic properties Sandalwood oil has been a significant ingredient in Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, traditional medicines and for treatment with Aromatherapy since centuries and even today it is consumed in modern medicines and cosmetic dermatology. Its been widely used in manufacturing of products which are antiseptic, astringent, emollient and sedative , such as skin care and body care products like facial - body creams and moisturizers for skin treatments such as acne,wrinkles, dermatitis and overall enhancing the quality of skin.


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