About Us

Oneworld Corporation is a highly responsible, explicitly acknowledged and efficiently managed essential oil house in India. The company has gained a superior place in the league of Sandalwood Oil suppliers around the world..

Oneworld Corporation is one of the leading providers of the Sandalwood Oil in India, we are serving almost every fragrance and flavour industry in India as our respected customers. The decade old company powered by the management of our managing director has reached to the zenith by his persistent efforts, innovative zeal and enterprising skills. He is an afinadio of success with extreme energetic approach.

In our endeavor to serve our customers we initiated import of other essential oils which are constantly used in related industries in abundance, thus making us a leading essential oil house in India.

We Are

  • We are investing on research and development that enables us to achieve enhanced results following superior customer satisfaction.
  • We are adaptive and have evolved to the ever changing technological and market challenges.
  • We are committed towards pursuing honesty and practicing ethical trade in our business ventures.
  • We are persistently developing and diversifying our operations and expanding our reach worldwide for growth and prosperity.

Brand Promise

At OneWorld Corporation , we are dedicated to delivering exceptional, pure essential oils that contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling life at the most competitive prices. With every product, we pledge to maintain the highest standards of quality, transparency, and efficacy, making sure that our customers trust in us is always well- placed.

We have been a part of various Global Exhibitions and Trade Fairs through the years . Showcasing our product range .


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