Ugandan Sandalwood Oil


Ugandan Sandalwood Oil again extracted from Sandalwwod trees found in parts of East Africa and is also known as Osyris Tenuifolia.

It is a semi-parasitic shrub or small tree in the family of Santalaceae with wood that yields a commercially important aromatic oil which is light yellow in color. The length of the tree is variable raging upto 2-8 meters and is a special and rarely found species of Santalum family. The species occurs in a range of open habitats, generally in arid and semi-arid environments, it is widespread, occurring mainly in the tropics and some parts of the Mediterranean region.

Ugandan Sandalwood Oil is widely used in the preparation of medicines that are effective for nervous system, brain, liver, circulation and excretion functions. It is used in numerous edible products for flavoring, it is extensively used in manufacturing of fragrances and allied products.